About Take Flight Kansas City

Take Flight KC strives to bring fun and inclusive activities to the disabled community.

Individuals with disabilities often lack the funds to participate in community events, and it is difficult to find events that are accessible. This can result in individuals with disabilities spending the large majority of their time at home, disconnected from the greater community. Take Flight KC was created in August 2016 to make individuals with disabilities feel welcome in their community and to give them opportunities to partake in events and activities that may otherwise be unattainable. We hope to be a source of joy and fun, providing memorable experiences for all involved.

Take Flight KC serves individuals with disabilities in the Kansas City metro area. Children and adults with disabilities who live at home or with an agency are welcome and encouraged to attend events.

Board of Directors

President – B. Austen Plain

Vice-President – Mary Leonida

Treasurer – Chris Rhoades

Secretary – TBD

Advisory Board

Tom Cohen

Ed Lipowicz

Keith Asel

Margaret Reynolds

Sean Craven